The wedding industry has claimed that spending your life savings on your wedding will lead to marital bliss! As owner of award-winning wedding photography studio with 17 years of reputable history, iDO Fund founder Paul Hermanson has seen firsthand that, in fact, the opposite is true. There is plenty of research supporting this. Most recently, the 2014 study, ‘A Diamond Is Forever,’ from Emory University shows that couples who spend $20,000 or more are 46% more likely to get divorced than those who spend $5,000-$10,000. Financial stress is an enemy to happy marriages!

Welcome to iDO Fund, the simple way to raise money for your wedding.

First, set up your free account. Second, choose your favorite vendors, whether it is one of our preferred partners or another company that you know and trust.  Then just invite your family and friends! We only charge a small fixed fee out of the funds raised.  And the credit card fees are paid for by the vendors, so you don’t have to!

The wedding industry is valued at $165 billion. Here in the United States it is highly segmented with a value of $55 billion and an annual growth rate of 2%. 4.8 million people get married in the United States every year (2.4 million couples). Our conservative five year goal is to penetrate 1/10 of 1%, which will be at least $5.5M revenue.