How can I register my wedding on iDO Fund?

You can create a new free account here.  Just fill out your profile, tell us about your wedding, then invite your family and friends.  It’s that easy.

Is iDO Fund just for weddings?

Yes.  iDO Fund is designed to help brides and grooms afford the wedding they really want and accrue less debt at the same time.

How much does it cost?

You may create an account and fill out your profile for free!  In order to activate your campaign and send it to family and friends, there is a one-time-fee of $95.00.

Do I have to pay credit card fees or transaction fees?

No, unlike other crowdfunding services, we do not charge you any credit card fees or transaction fees.  This will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!  Even some “free” services will end up charging you or your contributors up to 10% of your total dollars raised.

Is iDO Fund an “alternative” wedding registry?

Yes, iDO Fund is designed to be an “alternative” wedding registry. If you don’t want to register for kitchen appliances, linens,  or other household items, and you feel like it is awkward to just ask for cash, we can help you.

How do I get the money?

iDO Fund pays your wedding vendors directly.  This is what makes us so special.  iDO Fund acts as your wedding bank.  All money for your wedding flows in, and we make sure that the money goes where it is needed and when it is due.  Wedding vendors are happy with us, because we always pay on time.  So, you and your family don’t have to worry about it at all.

Can I find Vendors through iDO Fund?

Yes, iDO Fund allows you to browse our marketplace of approved and verified wedding vendor partners. Here you will find top notch wedding professionals across a wide range of service categories.

What if my Vendor is not currently listed in iDO Fund?

No problem! We are always happy to see new faces.  You can import your existing vendors into iDO Fund and we’ll get them set up.

What if we don’t meet our goal?

Your iDO Fund campaign is what is called a “flexible campaign type.”  This means that you keep what you raise, even if you don’t reach your goal.

How do we set our budget for iDO Fund?

Think carefully about how many guests may be attending your wedding and how many people you expect to contribute to your wedding. Do some rough estimates.  Make sure you spread the word about your iDO Fund project to everyone you can think of.  Most couples are surprised by how generous their friends can be.   If after all is set and done, you still come up short, make sure you have a backup plan to cover the entire cost of your wedding.

How do my guests make a contribution to my campaign?

Guests may contribute to your iDO Fund campaign through Direct Pay or credit card.  Both options are completely free.  Direct Pay is our recommended option as it is a secure ACH transaction.  All that is required is the bank account number and routing number which can be found at the bottom of any check.

What if something happens and my guests want a refund?

If guests use our secure Direct Pay option, all funds are 100% refundable.  With credit card transactions there is a 5% fee for refunds.

Can my guests write a check to iDO Fund for their contribution?

Yes, definitely.   You can cash it and then send the money to your iDO Fund campaign through Direct Pay – absolutely free! 

Can I have other gift registries and iDO Fund?

yes, absolutely!  Keep in mind that when a guest contributes on iDO Fund, an expectation may be for that to be their only wedding gift.

Will my campaign be private?

Your campaign will not be published on any of our public pages. (Unless we ask and you grant us permission to do so)  Visitors must be provided a direct link or specifically search for you by name in order to find your wedding campaign

Is iDO Fund safe and secure for myself and my guests?

iDO Fund never shares, sells or rents your private information to anybody else.  Our secure servers and systems have been crafted with the best development practices.